Why I Joined Rotary
After working in the Middle East for two years, my wife and I returned to St. Marys to retire for good.  I knew that I would need more to occupy my time and as it happened, a best friend had just joined Rotary.  After some thought, I felt that Rotary would be a good fit for me too as the club was very active in the community and in the world. These were things that appealed to me about Rotary.  Little did I know how vast the Rotary world is!  If you have an interest, chances are that Rotary has a spot for you.
Rotary has an amazing three part leadership program that really opened my eyes to the world of Rotary.  Every new member need to make the effort to take part in this program as I feel it was a key factor in keeping me in Rotary.  There is so much to be involved in.  However, if your focus is not the world, there is plenty to do in our own community.  And Rotarians help each other, not only individually, but as clubs.  Requests for help come from other clubs all the time and I am always awed by the response.
My ‘aha’ moment is probably a number of moments.  When we are fund raising or working on a project, many times people I know or complete strangers will say that Rotary does good work in the community or the world with its projects.  It’s a good feeling to know that you are contributing to a better world.
Pierre Chateauvert