Len Hawkins:
We moved back to St. Marys in 1993 after living in other parts of Ontario, including on a farm locally, for about 30 years. Even though Janice and I grew up in the area we had really lost contact with a lot of people and businesses. Bob Stephens introduced me to Rotary and I found it was a great way to become acquainted with the local business people and get involved in the community. After a few meetings I was "hooked" with the idea of working with a group of people that had a common cause of making the world a better place to live for the future. 
There is a place for anyone in Rotary - all you need to do is find your passion for "giving back" to your community. Personally I enjoy working on fund raising projects with groups of people with a similar interest. There is always a lot of creativity, fun and satisfaction at the end of the event which means that while improving people’s lives we can do it with a smile.
In summary, we are only here for a little while - so it’s good to try and make things a little better on the way through.