My Rotary Story – Homer Rath:
I joined Rotary in 1984, after being invited, by the T.D. branch manager, Grant Berry.
At the time, we had recently moved to St. Marys from Arva, after purchasing the local florist shop. This was the result of a career change
for me. After working for a Canadian manufacturing plant for twenty some years and achieving Assistant Plant Mgr, we were bought out by an American company and the factory closed with every one terminated.
By joining Rotary, I felt it would help me to get to know the community and be involved in it. I remember my first few meetings, held at the Golden Pond restaurant. Men Only! There was so much cigar smoke you could hardly see. One thing I will always remember was Rev Ross Crosby saying that the seat next to him was reserved for "someone Special". I apologized and went to look for another seat and he said, “No! No! You're that someone special”.
I approach Rotary as a place to have fun with people you like, while helping to do good things for others. Our vibrant club doesn't disappoint.
Who knows, maybe someday, I will be able to give my 2 hour presentation describing my pet fossil.