Why I joined Rotary
After moving from the farm and retiring from travelling Canada on business, I could now look at a volunteer organization. I had been exposed to Rotary during my career and had many friends and colleagues who were members. When asked by Len Hawkins to attend a meeting and meet the other Rotarians, I was hooked. What better way to get involved in a new community?
That was 10 years ago, but it seems like yesterday. We’ve accomplished so much. You meet such varied people and make so many friends. With all that’s left to do, we continue to be challenged. Serving on the executive and on many committees has allowed me to grow and hopefully give back. As a polio survivor, how can I help but be impressed by the work of Rotary and to be a small part of it.
When I look back at my first year, I was impressed by the accomplishments and the energy, as they had done so much. For example, funding for Rotary Field, volunteer work at the CBHOF&M and the building and continued support of Parkview West and East. 
Rotary certainly is a Gift to the World and I am proud to be a Rotarian