David Cunningham:

In 1992 I was asked and subsequently sponsored by Rotarian John  Hensel to join Rotary, this was after I had attended a meeting and had given the Rotarians a tour of the new Dana plant that had just been built in St. Marys.
I was impressed with the mix of professional and business people that formed the Club at that time, the business attire and the formal approach to conducting a meeting.

The International scope of Rotary, the local projects and the level of acknowledgement that; Rotary was a Club with status in the community were all factors in my decision.
Why do I stay in Rotary?
  • The innovative fundraising ideas and the level of participation within the club.
  • The ongoing effort to eradicate Polio and all the activities that support the program.
  • The projects that Rotary supports and funds throughout the World.
  • The comradery and good natured fun that we have at our meetings.
  • The quality of speakers we have at our weekly meetings.
David Cunningham