Using Your Paul Harris Points: 

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History of The Paul Harris Recognition


The Paul Harris Fellow recognition is a prestigious acknowledgement that the owner of this pin cares about making the community and world a better place. Rotarians who earn this pin through their donations can also acknowledge others for their contributions. This acknowledgement is done through the use of the Paul Harris points earned by Rotarians who donate to The Rotary Foundation. Here are the ins and outs of using your points.


Every dollar that a Rotarian donates to the Foundation puts her or him a dollar closer to the coveted Paul Harris Recognition. Every dollar also earns the donor one Paul Harris Point which may be used to recognize family members, friends and community leaders who have also worked to make the world a better place.


Please take a look at the files on this page to see how you can participate and can utilize your Paul Harris Points.

 (Source: November 2018 District Newsletter)