This Spring we were pleased to hear from our returning exchange students about their year away in a foreign country learning about their customs and culture. We always look forward to hearing about their exchange. We usually send one student on exchange and accept one incoming student. While interviewing the students, the committee decided that it would be a shame to deny three of the four applicants an opportunity to experience living in another country other than North America. The membership agreed and we sponsored the four candidates: Abigail Luytens to France; Samantha Berry to Colombia; Morgan Askew to Taiwan; Kevin Oliver to Denmark. 
Abigail Luytens presents Pres Claire with banner from her host club in France.
Lucie Stephens thanks Kevin Oliver for his presentation on his year in Denmark.
Morgan Askew presents Pres Claire with a banner from her host club in Taiwan.
Samantha Berry thoroughly enjoyed her year of exchange in Colombia. Unfortunately, my copy of the photo was damaged.
Welcome back to each and everyone of you!