Posted by Claire Sherwin

President’s Corner-October 2018:


We’re challenged by the RI President this year to “Be The Inspiration”.


Thinking back to my first year in Rotary, when I was the “young guy” in the club, makes me recall some truly great Rotarians who inspired me: Clark Ready was a “stickler” for protocol and meetings ran according to Robert’s Rules, never a motion out of order. Bill Davis was conscious of rules too, but more concerned with proper manners; you never brought a beer bottle to the table in those days. Crosby Kirkpatrick was a great story teller and always ready to talk about the news of the day. Herb Sparling, being hard of hearing, had a habit of waiting until a presenter started to talk and then, almost always, would bellow “Speak UP!  I can’t hear a damn word you’re saying” from the back of the room.  Most often he was right. I’d be seriously remiss too if I didn’t mention Adrian Elderhorst; His recollection of the liberation of Holland from Germany by the Canadian Forces always made me choke with pride.


The Rotary Four Way Test is an inspirational creed. It’s a test of “the things we think, say or do”.

Keeping this in mind. like those that have gone before us, we are all building our legacy in Rotary and inspiring others, in thoughts, words and deeds.


President Claire

September 23, 2018