Back Row – Outbound Exchange Students
Kevin Oliver, Morgan Askew, Abigail Luyten, Samantha Berry
Third Row
Mark Oliver, Ray Bennett, Grant Barton, Lucie Stephens, Gary Cumming, Dave Cunningham, Bruce Radford, Charlie Hammond, Ron McDonald, Stew Grant
Second Row
Doug Frread, John Uren, Claire Sherwin, Lynn Hainer, John Harlton, Homer Rath, Gerry Teahen, Bob Stephens, John McGary
Front Row Seated
Maurice Oliver, Dick McPherson, Ron Aiken, Nikolas Carrizo, Stan Malcolm, Heather Ellis, Doug Goudy


Farewell to Nikolas Cuello Carrizo of Chile

Niko presented an emotional and grateful speech to approximately thirty-seven members and guests at Rotary Parkview that was preceded by a group photo outside and above the hall.  He thanked his host parents Sandy &  Lucie Stephens, Gerald & Deb Weersink and Brent & Terry Shackleton.  He also praised our club counselor Rotarian Lucie and Youth Exchange officer Rotarian Mark for exceptional support for the year.  Niko spoke in front of a slide of his family and showed a slide presentation of his year in review.  Niko and President Stan exchanged Club banners and Rotarian Ray presented Niko the Canadian flag.  Rotarian Mark gave Niko some gifts including a Canada 150 mug and historical slate from our townhall.  The host families spoke on their impression of their hosting Niko all with excellent reports.  Some questions were asked one of which was, what were his plans.  He plans to go to medical school.  We are all happy to have Niko as part of our Rotary life.
Photos by Nelda Oliver