As chair of the social media and website committee, I am pleased to announce that the following Rotarians have joined me as administrators on the Rotary Club of St. Marys FaceBook page:
  •        Gary Cumming
  •        Lynn Hainer
  •        Lucie Stephens
At the Total Team Training seminar, I learned that we should have 4 people as administrators on our FaceBook page. All three of these Rotarians have lots of experience with FaceBook.
I invite each of you to check out and 'like' our club's FaceBook page.
As well, Gary also serves in the role of 'Editor' for our website which allows him to write and post stories and pictures and update information on our website. I will continue to serve as the club's website administrator and the monthly e-Bulletin editor. If you have any topics which you would like covered, please contact us.
Linda Schuyler
Chair, Social Media and Website Committee