Posted by Linda Schuyler
At the end of August, I learned about a video project undertaken by outbound exchange student, Kevin Oliver. With his permission, I am sharing his YouTube video "Ontario by Drone" along with the story behind it. 

Making a Cinematic Video about Canada

Posted on August 25, 2017 by 300daysindenmark


"For weeks now, I have sat upon several gigabytes of raw footage, unseen to the world except to the mechanical eyes of my hard drive.  Well, today that changes.  Today I finally finished my cinematic video about my hometown.  I’ve posted a link below if you’d like to check it out.  I think this will be my first blog post that isn’t about Denmark.  But, I wanted to share the process that lead to the release of this video; from the perspective of an amateur, not only in video editing, but in life as well.

So this project began months ago, before I ever even packed my bags for Denmark.  This began out of a desire to capture the essence of my hometown so I could show the people of Denmark what Canada is like.  However, as with many things in life, desire is easier than delivery.

To make an amateur video like this, I had to first actually capture footage to work with.  So in the few weeks I had left In Canada, I travelled around my local area to capture footage.  Being an Amateur, I had a terrible filming ratio of about 30:1.  This means for every 30 seconds of footage I recorded, I would only actually use 1 second for my final film.  The actual filming process involved me driving myself around with my Drone, DSLR Camera + Microphone, and GoPro.  Once I had several hours of footage, I decided it was time to begin editing.

Now, the editing process is very different than the shooting process.  It involves being finicky, precise, and most importantly, caffeinated.  I currently use Premiere Pro to edit my videos, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what that program is capable of.  I’m excited to learn even more with Premiere.

Anyways, I have made several videos like these in the past, however, some part of me has ensured they never see the light of day.  Let me explain; when it comes to creativity, I seldom release it into the world.  Be it writing, art, or even videos like these, I never release them.  If one thinks about it, there are so many reasons not to be a “creative”.  What if I release it an nobody see’s it? What if people do see it, but they don’t like it?  The list goes on.  As a result, I’ve never released anything into the world prior to this project – We’ll see how that goes.

Perhaps I’m looking at this wrong.  Perhaps I’m doing it for the wrong reasons.  Who knows.  But I want to continue.

More posts about Denmark later.  I promise"

To view his video which he will use to tell his host club about his home town and country, please click on the link below: