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We meet Mondays at 6:30 PM
Rotary Parkview building
22 St. Andrews St. N., St. Marys
Parkview banquet hall, lower level east entrance
St. Marys, ON  N4X 1C5
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At the end of August, I learned about a video project undertaken by outbound exchange student, Kevin Oliver. With his permission, I am sharing his YouTube video "Ontario by Drone" along with the story behind it. 

Making a Cinematic Video about Canada

Posted on August 25, 2017 by 300daysindenmark


"For weeks now, I have sat upon several gigabytes of raw footage, unseen to the world except to the mechanical eyes of my hard drive.  Well, today that changes.  Today I finally finished my cinematic video about my hometown.  I’ve posted a link below if you’d like to check it out.  I think this will be my first blog post that isn’t about Denmark.  But, I wanted to share the process that lead to the release of this video; from the perspective of an amateur, not only in video editing, but in life as well.

So this project began months ago, before I ever even packed my bags for Denmark.  This began out of a desire to capture the essence of my hometown so I could show the people of Denmark what Canada is like.  However, as with many things in life, desire is easier than delivery.

To make an amateur video like this, I had to first actually capture footage to work with.  So in the few weeks I had left In Canada, I travelled around my local area to capture footage.  Being an Amateur, I had a terrible filming ratio of about 30:1.  This means for every 30 seconds of footage I recorded, I would only actually use 1 second for my final film.  The actual filming process involved me driving myself around with my Drone, DSLR Camera + Microphone, and GoPro.  Once I had several hours of footage, I decided it was time to begin editing.

Now, the editing process is very different than the shooting process.  It involves being finicky, precise, and most importantly, caffeinated.  I currently use Premiere Pro to edit my videos, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what that program is capable of.  I’m excited to learn even more with Premiere.

Anyways, I have made several videos like these in the past, however, some part of me has ensured they never see the light of day.  Let me explain; when it comes to creativity, I seldom release it into the world.  Be it writing, art, or even videos like these, I never release them.  If one thinks about it, there are so many reasons not to be a “creative”.  What if I release it an nobody see’s it? What if people do see it, but they don’t like it?  The list goes on.  As a result, I’ve never released anything into the world prior to this project – We’ll see how that goes.

Perhaps I’m looking at this wrong.  Perhaps I’m doing it for the wrong reasons.  Who knows.  But I want to continue.

More posts about Denmark later.  I promise"

To view his video which he will use to tell his host club about his home town and country, please click on the link below:



We have featured one video and one PowerPoint presentation from those submitted by the Gr 7 & 8 students at DCVI Elementary and Holy Name of Mary schools. Scroll down the page for their entries. All of the entries have been posted under our site page titled "Canada 150 Voices of St. Marys" which can be found on the left side of our home page and newsletter. Please click to open the file and then select the various videos or PPPs to view.
Basic education and literacy is one of Rotary’s six areas of focus.
We know that basic education and literacy are essential for reducing poverty, improving health, encouraging community and economic development, and promoting peace. Consider these facts:
 1. If all women completed primary education, there would be 66% fewer maternal deaths.
 2. A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five.
 3. If all students in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty, which would be equivalent to a 12% cut in world poverty.
The world is making good progress in this area. According to a 2014 United Nations Millennium Development Goals progress report, literacy rates among adults and youths are on the rise and the gender gap in literacy is narrowing. But pressing global needs remain:
 4. 58 million children worldwide are out of school.
 5. Even after four years of primary schooling, as many as 250 million children cannot read and write.
 6. 781 million adults are illiterate.
On Sept 23rd, The Rotary Club of St. Marys presented a cheque for $600 towards the club's book donations in recognition of their guest speaker program. Pictured : on the left, Literacy Committee Chair, Linda Schuyler, Library CEO Matthew Corbett, President Ron Aitken, Library Collections Officer, Kate Long.
Jan 1 - Sept 21, 2017
10 WPV 49 cVDPV
Jan 1 - Sept 21, 2016
24 WPV  3 cVPDV
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Rotarian Grant won two hours of Mayor Al Strathdee's time at the Rural-Urban silent auction and decided to put him to work helping to mulch the Reading Garden and the St.Marys Library.  On Friday June 16th, 2017at 10 a.m. the Mayor joined Rotarians Doug Fread, Grant Barton and Gary Cumming to apply some mulch to certain areas of the garden.  Many thanks go out to Rotarian Grant for his organization and donation and thanks also to Mayor Al for being a good sport and a good worker.